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Welcome to February 2018's Pandora newsletter

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Good enough

At the Counselling Academy where I teach and am a Director, the final year students have had to go through an external assessment in past couple of weeks. They have to do a recorded counselling session and then answer some written questions about it, and both go off to an organisation to be assessed to see if they are at an appropriate level to get their Diploma and work with members of the public as a qualified counsellor. It’s a reasonably testing process, and has brought up a lot of feelings and issues for them – “am I good enough?” (some weren’t asking the question, just saying “I won’t be good enough”). Some were sure they had “failed” (they get a resit if they need one, so it’s not really failure) while others were more optimistic about their chances.

I myself am thinking of applying for a course (unrelated to therapy) and have had some similar thoughts – will I be accepted on the course? I want to be stretched and challenged, and yet I am anxious about it too.

These issues about being tested have many roots in our past – the students have all had some experience of exams at school and whilst this isn’t quite the same, the familiar feelings come back. What do we do with them as adults? Do we avoid these often intensely uncomfortable feelings, and not put ourselves in positions where the testing happens? If so, does that mean we don’t get stretched and grow? Does it stop us meeting our potential? Or do we, as someone I know says, run towards the noise – face our demons and see what happens?

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Interesting Reading

This is a video rather than something to read; it’s a 3 minute clip of a 77 year old ballerina, inspiring others to reach their dreams. What an amazing woman. Click this to be inspired!

Pesso Boyden

I will be running a day’s workshop using Pesso Boyden – a new and powerful method of psychotherapy – on April 21st in Oxford. More details here - do contact me if you’d be interested or know anyone else who might be. You will be very welcome!

Quote of the Month

“The human brain is amazing. It functions 24 hours a day from the time we were born, and only stops when we take an exam.”

This Month's Cartoon

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Counsellors' Corner

The Tracy Barker blogs are a mixture of poetry and writing from someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder and are well worth subscribing to – here’s an example on the perils of social media versus being here and now…

No news or reviews,
Likes or retweets:
Refresh is getting weary -
It's the only one that gets the hits.
Silence, where once I hid,
Now enslaves me;
I used to like to keep it,
Now I'm trying to break free.
Get off the phone
I tell myself,
Be in your beautiful home.
The love is real,
The likes here are the type
you can actually feel.

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Why Pandora?

Pandora was, in myth, the first woman created by the gods out of clay. She had life breathed into her, and was given a box full of wonderful gifts from each of the gods and goddesses, which she was told never to open. But the King of the Gods, Zeus, also gave her curiosity, and after a while, her curiosity got the better of her – she opened the box. To her horror, all the lovely gifts that had been placed in the box turned to terrible things – Poverty, Disease, Unhappiness…they all flew out, despite her slamming the lid down again. The final one to come out was Hope and with a nod, Hope flew out into the world, a world which now held Envy, Crime, Hate – and Hope.

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