Sue Lewis Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision near Oxford and Banbury

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Sometimes life can just feel overwhelming, and we can feel lost. Maybe there's been a loss, or something difficult to deal with. Sometimes patterns reoccur from the past, or we need to face something that can't be avoided any more. I believe that we all need meaning, connectedness, pleasure and satisfaction from our lives, and often this is sadly lacking.

Counselling and psychotherapy can help with these things. I provide a boundaried, safe place to talk about, and explore, your feelings, and work out anything you'd like to change in your life.

I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, and have been working one to one with people both short and long term for over 20 years. In my counselling and psychotherapy practice in a beautiful area just outside Oxford, I work with people who want to discuss things such as stress, bereavement, relationship issues or depression. In working through these issues in counselling, a more fulfilled and happier life is possible.

I also teach counselling, am a supervisor and run workshops for therapists and coaches. I co-founded and was a Director of a training organisation which trains people in becoming counsellors, wrote most of the course material there and was a Programme Director and course tutor on the Diploma course.

I am accepted by Bupa private health insurance company to provide therapy for their members.

On a personal note, I really love my work. Whilst people often have painful and sometimes harrowing things to tell me, and may be in a very difficult time of their life, it is so inspiring to see them deal with it, change what they need to change and come through it, often in a much better state than before the difficulty. It is so rewarding - a privilege, really - to be alongside them as they find the courage and inspiration to deal with whatever it is that is troubling them. I also learn a lot myself and am usually immensely moved by our meetings.

I also believe in developing myself and have completed and qualified in a 3 year course in Pesso Boyden, a new approach to therapy which is extremely effective. I'm now one of only 10 accredited therapists in the UK using this powerful method, and I use it with individual clients and in workshops. It's a very effective and beautiful method of therapy - come and try it!