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Pesso Boyden - A New Therapy Approach

Pesso Boyden Therapy

I mainly work with people in a traditional therapeutic way, using methods that are well known. However, I have recently qualified in a new method that is proving to be very effective, and sometimes I will offer to use it with clients - it's called Pesso Boyden.

Not many of us have perfect childhoods (parents are only human and we all make mistakes), and we have usually learned something unhelpful when we were young that gets in the way of us being the person we could be in adulthood.

Pesso Boyden uses a symbolic method to ‘create a new memory’ and form a positive experience from which we can live our lives. It has been shown by some neuroscience research to affect the wiring in our brains in a very positive way.

It is focused on our bodily feelings and emotions, and is very client-led in a gentle, safe and positive environment.

I may suggest that we do an occasional Pesso Boyden session as part of your ongoing therapy, as it can really shift gears and be very effective. It's named after the two people who created it - Diane Boyden and Al Pesso.

Here is a 15 minute video of the method in action in the group, with a different therapist.

Here are some very short videos of me explaining a bit about the method and how it works (these are from a workshop). The sound is a bit low so you may have to turn up the volume on your computer. This first one outlines some of the basic ideas of Pesso Boyden as a method of psychotherapy :

This second one explains what you will see in a session (called a structure) and some of the terms used :

This third one is a bit about how Pesso Boyden works with the brain :

Writing about Pesso Boyden

Here are two articles giving a couple of examples of how Pesso Boyden works - click here and here.

More information on Pesso Boyden can be found here.

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