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I’d like to say something about creativity.

I believe that creativity is vital to a fulfilled life. I don’t just mean being about to paint or sculpt something – it’s more about being personally expressive in what ever way is important to us, and about being innovative at work if that's required.

Creativity. garden det textlie

I use creativity in my work as much as possible.

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In doing therapy or counselling I might ask the client to do something that feels odd yet helpful, like talking to a person who isn’t there, imagining a situation they either dread or desperately want, or even opening negotiations with a part of themselves they don’t usually acknowledge. Some clients prefer to draw an image than talk about – and drawing itself can be very therapeutic. I also use cards, objects and othr creative methods to explore an issue, which can be very powerful when words don't seem to help. Others will rather just talk and that’s fine too.

Creativity. 3D tree

In my personal life I like to keep my creativity flowing by creating things –in the past I’ve painted, made pottery and jewellery, rugs, tapestries etc. Lately I’ve begun experimenting with textiles.

If you'd like to read a short article about creativity and emotional well being, find it here.

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