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Given the current situation with the virus, it seems helpful to put some advice for dealing with it on this page. There's a large amount of resource on this page, so I hope you find something that works for you. The situation is changing daily, of course, so it's a good idea to keep up to date with the latest advice.

I have written a blog about this here.

If you are feeling anxious....

There is a lot of fear and anxiety about the coronavirus; some of it clearly justified if you are in a vulnerable group (over 60, or with an underlying health condition). As the British lockdown eases, anxiety can increase as we are still not sure if it is safe to go back out into the world. I list below some measures to take should you be feeling anxious.

Coronavirus. mindfulness guidelines

Anxiety has a big effect on our bodies, galvanising them into action - flight or fight (or freeze, if neither of those works). This means an increased heart rate, blood pressure, a surge of adrenalin etc. If we want to calm our anxiety, we need to calm our bodies, and mindfulness is a great way to do this. Here's a document that outlines some good ideas for using mindfulness to calm ourselves.

There is also a wealth of free guided meditations to help relax us online - here and here. One of the most famous and best loved is the mountain meditation -a good example is here.

Here is a list of podcasts to listen to (some serious, some more lighthearted).

If you'd like a wide ranging and deep persepctive on it all, then I recommend this (rather long) article, or it's on a podcast on the same website.

The Facts are Friendly

It's usually helpful to have some facts to work with, so that we can challenge any unhelpful, irrational fears. This is a good website, updated regularly.

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Good Stories

I profoundly believe that good can come out of bad. In amongst all the fear about the coronavirus, there are many good stories starting to emerge. This is one coming out of China....

And there are some wonderfully creartive and uplifting things being done by people in isolation. Here's an example.....

Finally some appreciation for all those counsellors and therapists out there.....

Mick Cooper is a well-known and well-respected person centred/existential counsellor. He's recently posted this, and it's most welcome....

"To the counsellors, psychotherapists, and mental health workers -- trainees, professionals, volunteers -- who'll be getting up tomorrow, seeing clients:...

Please remember you are doing a fantastic, invaluable job right now at this time of national crisis. You'll be working with clients who are scared, confused, uncertain about how things are going to be; and I'm sure many of us will be too. But our role over the coming months will be to hold the anxieties of our clients, and also members of our wider communities. To be something solid and substantial when things may feel -- to others and also to ourselves -- like they are falling apart. It's a big demand. A lot of anxiety and fear to hold. But it is a time that is calling on all our strengths and abilities to contribute to the wellbeing and security of our communities.

Counsellors and psychotherapists are the emotional backbone of our nation. Often unrecognised; but there to support, strengthen, soothe. Needed now more than ever."

Coronavirus. corona poem

And some anonymous words of wisdom in support of counsellors and therapists.....

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