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What people talk about, and how it works

What do people talk about?

Things such as....

  • Stress (work/home)
  • Unhappiness and depression
  • Being stuck
  • Bereavement
  • Relationship problems
  • Trauma
  • Childhood events
  • Wanting some sort of change or support

    How does it work?

    All good counselling and therapy offers an objective, neutral place to talk about anything that troubles you. My role is not to judge or give advice on what you should do, but I can support you while you find a way through your current difficulties and come out stronger the other end.

    As well as coping with things more effectively in a practical way at the moment, I believe that all difficulties can be worked through and a meaning found for them in our lives. In this way a painful situation can be used positively to enhance our lives, rather than simply seen as something 'bad' that has to be got rid of as soon as possible. As well as supporting you to deal with the current situation as best as possible, I will aim to help you see this hidden meaning which can enrich your life.

    I have been working in this way for 24 years, the last 20 as a UKCP accredited psychotherapist, both short and long term. I have also worked as a psychologist in business, and so have a good understanding of work issues as well as personal ones.

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