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Workshops and Groups


A past participant on a workshop said :

"Sue not only has experience and professional knowledge in depth she also has the knack of being able to impart it to her fellow practitioners in an easy going but highly effective manner, first class." (David Dove, UKCP psychotherapist)

Rachel Young, Director of the Banbury Therapy Centre, said :"Sue is a highly skilled facilitator and runs brilliant workshops".

These are the sorts of workshops I have run....

  • What the Body Knows
    - body awareness workshop using Pesso Boyden methods

  • Personal Breakthrough
    - powerful group therapy using Pesso Boyden methods

  • The Pandora Women's Group
    - improving confidence and self esteem over 6 weeks

  • Working Creatively One-to-one
    - expand your ways of working with clients

  • The Gift of Yalom
    - find ways to discuss the deeper issues clients face in today's world

  • Being Dreamy
    - working with clients' dreams

  • Working with Groups
    - the theory and practice of working with groups

  • Women who Run with the Wolves
    - the myths and archetypes that shape women's lives

  • Goodbyes
    - dealing with endings, loss and death

    These workshops are run from time to time; details of those coming up are below.

  • Workshops and Groups. Pers break

    Personal Breakthrough, using Pesso Boyden

    An ongoing group meeting for a day every 6 weeks runs in Oxford; another will begin later in the year and will welcome new people then.

    The next Pesso Boyden taster days will run in Oxford and London on dates to be agreed. These days cost £80 and run from 9.30 - 5.30. The aim is for a small group of people to attend and build a sense of safety and trust.

    The groups will be using powerful new methods to increase your sense of well being, empowerment and connection.

    Pesso Boyden uses a symbolic method to ‘create a new memory’ and form a positive experience from which we can live our lives. It has been shown by some neuroscience research to affect the wiring in our brains in a very positive way.

    It is focused on our bodily feelings and emotions, and is very client-led in a gentle, safe and positive environment. It is especially powerful in a group setting, where participants can support each other.

    Past participants said :

  • “It’s very empowering to be in a group”,
  • “It’s a liberating and revelatory process – it’s changed my mindset and given me a sense of freedom”,
  • “I came out of professional interest but have taken away a lot personally”,
  • "Personal breakthrough is a very apt title, in my view",
  • "I'm really glad I went for it".

    For a longer testimonial from a group participant, see below, along with some videos on the method.

    If you’d like to book, please contact me direct.

  • Testimonial for the Personal Breakthrough workshop, using Pesso Boyden

    After each workshop I ask for any feedback from people who have attended. One person wrote this (I have her permission to quote it)....

    "I found the breakthrough day really invigorating. I was moved at how the structures seemed to release some level of burden, which left a hole where self compassion could start growing. I could see the relationship between pain and hope. People really do the best they can from the tools they are given and I could feel how the Breakthrough Days can help self compassion through the generations.

    I liked how there was a lottery between the volunteers, as this seemed to help people who did not initially volunteer, to be open to the structure if they could/wanted to. It helped people to be courageous.

    It was wonderful to be a part of others' structures and I liked being given the opportunity to reflect on what it had brought up for us. There were moments when I was absorbing the role as best I could, to when I was having my own new experiences as an "ideal parent or sibling".

    At times what people had to say was really harrowing, but the way you followed them, was precise to them and invited them to move with what they were bringing. I like how the ideal parent is suggested early on, an idea held onto until the client can pursue later if they wish and ask the group. I love the way that every person mentioned can have a place, whether this be as a placement figure or a real person being an ideal parent. I wondered if this helped to minimise distress caused by the original trauma or experience.

    You were really precise, in the way you took in their words. I think that the way you held the process is really compassionate, respectful and true to real experiences, alongside telling a new story from creating a new memory. I was reminded of what the human spirit can go through and achieve.

    I think what sticks in my mind are the visions of and the shapes created by the client's closeness to their ideal parents. It felt like transcendental ideal love, where the client can feel safe enough to become the child being protected by the ideal parents. When I think of how the client started their structure, I am in awe of how they get to a point of asking for love and saying what they need."

    Kelly Grimes, counsellor

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